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Just good, honest and personal transport.

We do this with a dedicated team and in cooperation with a network of over 1.000 independent couriers in the Netherlands and Belgium that are already on the road.

Pickup, wrapping and send by postal service
Postal package
± 50x30x40cm & Max 23kg

Pickup, wrapping and send by postal service
(e.g. tools, laptop, clothes)

from €27,50
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Pickup and transportation
Car trunk
Max 125x60x50cm & Max 100kg

Too big or fragile for postal service.
(e.g. printer, lawn mower, painting)

from €37,50
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Max 175x100x75cm & Max 100kg

Pickup and deliver by stationwagon
(e.g. fauteuil, dishwasher, bicycle)

from €47,50
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Max 250x125x125cm

Pickup and deliver by a van
(e.g. pallet, refrigerator or big furniture like 3pers couch, table)

from €55,—
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Max 420x180x180cm

Pickup and deliver by a truck
(e.g. big pallet, American refrigerator or super sized furniture like +4pers couch, buffet closet)

from €60,—
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Price example

Thé best priced delivery service
without worries

Rent a bus or a trailer and do it yourself? Or arrange a courier? PickThisUp helps you choose.

A chair
Three offer on the same workday. Choose your personal courier.
5 min.
Rent a van
Rent a van, insurance, fuel, milage fee ánd a free afternoon.
6 hours
Traditional transport company
Request an offer, wait for 48 hours, confirm, delivery time: 1-2 weeks.
1 hour
Rent a trailer
Rent a trailer, pick it up, fuel, traffic jam ánd a free afternoon.
5 hours

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