Prices that fit

Prices that fit: Just good, honest and personal delivery.

Not sure what size to choose? It's mainly about common sense and less about the exact size in centimeters.

Do you have multiple items? Then select the correct vehicle per set of item(s). A table with chairs can be created as one item, but a bicycle and a (3-person) sofa are two items. All your belongings will of course be delivered in one vehicle, but we need this to be able to estimate the total volume. Selecting a vehicle that is too small does not result in a lower price, couriers will then bid higher.

Furthermore, the costs of a courier depend on the weight, flexibility in collection or delivery, the distance and whether there is help with loading and unloading if it is too large or too heavy for one person.

Pickup, wrapping and send by postal service
± 50x30x40cm & <23kg

Pickup, wrapping and send by postal service
E.g. Anything that fits in a moving box
(Tools, laptop/tablet, clothing, loose parts, clothes iron, kitchen articles)

from €29,50
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Pickup and transport
Max 125x60x50cm & <50kg

Too big or fragile to send als postal package, Pickup and delivery by appointment
E.g. An item that fits in an average car trunk
(Monitor, coffeemachine, painting, leafblower, radiator, cookingplate, poof, tent, music instrument, mirror, boxes wine, office chair)

from €37,50
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Max 175x100x75cm & <100kg

Pickup and delivery by appoinment
E.g. An item that first in a WV Passat stationwagon
(Rug, bicycle, armchair, coffee table, 1-4 chairs, dishwasher, 4 rims, door, garden bench, slatted base, 1 person mattrass, airco, parasol)

from €47,50
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Max 250x125x125cm & <250kg

Pickup and delivery by appointment
E.g. An item that fits in a small van
(Closer, table, desk, 4-8 chairs, washing machine, refrigerator, 2 or 3 person sofa, 2 person mattrass, scooter, stove)

from €55,—
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Max 420x180x180cm & <1.250kg

Pickup and delivery by appointment
E.g. An item that fits in a movingbox (Pallet, carport, pvc/wooden floor, corner couch, lounge set, double refrigerator, hometrainer, box spring, corner desk, filing cabinet, solarscreen, railing, cargo bike, motor)

from €60,—
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Price example

Thé best delivery
without worries

Hire a bus on trailer and dol it yourself? Or hire a courier? PickThisUp will help you chose.

A chair
The same business day three offers and select your own courier.
5 minutes
Rent a van
Rent a van, insurance, fuel, milage fee ánd a free afternoon.
6 hours
Request an offer, wait for 48 hours, confirm. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks.
1 hour
Rent a trailer
Rent a trailer, pick it up, fuel, traffic jam ánd a free afternoon.
5 hours

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