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    “Arranged super quickly for package to be picked up and it was delivery nicely on time. What a handy service! Price was also lower than competition.”
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  • Hans

    “My first attempt went well directly. What a fun and easy product. Keep it going... I will certainly keep using it!”
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    “Top website. My items that I bought on Marktplaats were delivered to me quickly and damage-free. Recommended.”
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    “Very good quality/price ratio. Besides that I find the formula positive: small scale, where mostly 1-person companies get a change to earn something. Recommended.”
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Marktplaats delivery service,
arranged quickly.

Bought a washing machine, cupboard or sofa on Marktplaats? Need a Marktplaats bringer? Save time and money by comparing delivery services that are already on the road. PickThisUp helps you find an affordable solution for the transport of large, vulnerable and special items.

More than 1,400 courier services and delivery companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are now affiliated with us. Good for your wallet and the climate!

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Hire a courier that's already on the road! Cheaper than a delivery company or renting a van yourself.


99.5% problem free deliveries, insured by default and couriers receive an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.


CO2 neutral delivery. Don't use a car or bus yourself, but hire a courier that's already on the road and compensate your CO2 emissions!


Receive one or more quotes without obligation within 8 hours. Compare prices and reviews and select your best solution.

Drive yourself or outsource the transport of Marktplaats items?

Should you hire a courier service or rent a bus or trailer and drive yourself? PickThisUp helps you choose. Select a courier or hire a van and drive yourself? PickThisUp will help you make the best choice.
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Rent a van

Rent a van, insurance, fuel, milage fee ánd a free afternoon.
6 hours


The same business day three offers and select your own courier.
5 minutes


Request an offer, wait for 48 hours, confirm. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks.
1 hour

Compare and select your courier.

A professional (self-employed) courier with 15 years of experience, a university lecturer or an IT project manager who is on the road a lot. You choose, we ensure that your shipment is transported safely and insured!
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Delivery without hassle.
Your items well insured.

No minimum AVC insurance of €3.40 p/kg in case of theft, fraud or damage.
But well insured up to €500 or even €1,000 based on the purchase value.

How PickThisUp works

Compare different couries and select your best solution based on price, speed, experience or reviews. We will take care of the rest.

Enter your information

Receive a price indication in 1 minute, place a quotation request with obligation and receive offers from courier services and transport companies within 1-48 hours (75% within 24 hours).

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Receive up to 3 offers and select your desired courier company based on price, speed or reviews. Make appointments via chat and confirm by paying.

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Your courier is on the way

After payment, your courier will pick up the items and deliver them by appointment. Are you satisfied with the transport? The courier will then be paid by us after 5 days.

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More than 50.000 items from A to B!

Price examples of recent transport deliveries

Marktplaats delivery service

A delivery service from Marktplaats for all your sales or purchases? That is the PickThisUp Marketplace delivery service! Whether you need a delivery of Marktplaats items or a pick-up service for Marktplaats: our couriers drive for you.

This way you save time, money and effort. In addition, less CO2 is emitted and you can reduce your CO2 emissions even further by choosing to have a tree planted.

If you want to have an item delivered via Marktplaats, simply place your shipment in our online environment. Couriers who are already on their way will respond there and make you an offer for their Marktplaats pick-up service. Do you agree? You can then confirm by paying and then make arrangements with the courier to collect your Marktplaats transport items.

Are you satisfied with the transport? We will then pay your Marktplaats courier within 5 days.

Marketplace delivery

Do you want to ship something that you sold via Marktplaats? Marketplace shipping is something that couriers who use PickThisUp often do. You can simply give your Marktplaats shipping or delivery items to the courier. She will pack this for you. The dimensions of all items together should not exceed a moving box. When you request your shipping for marketplace via our calculation tool, you will always first see an indication of the shipping costs.

You can then choose to place your shipment online and you will receive a maximum of 3 quotes from couriers for Marktplaats shipments. Sending a package on Marktplaats has never been this easy! We arrange your Marktplaats transport, even if you only want to send smaller items as a package on Marktplaats.

Marktplaats pick-up service

A Marktplaats pick-up service is something that many courier services do because you often buy larger items via Marktplaats. Transporting a cupboard, washing machine or massive table yourself can be difficult, but our couriers are happy to take it off your hands.

Our couriers do not care what you want to transport. The transport of Marktplaats items is something they do every day and if you immediately provide the correct dimensions, the courier can make the best quote for you.

Do you need a delivery service from Marktplaats or do you need a delivery service from Marktplaats? That is also possible. Not only sellers arrange their Marktplaats transport via PickThisUp. As a buyer you can also arrange this! Then you need a Marktplaats delivery service and have your purchase delivered. Would you like your Marktplaats purchase delivered? You can arrange this via PickThisUp.

Furniture delivery via Marktplaats

You can buy the most beautiful interior items via Marktplaats and you may have just found a beautiful sofa. But how are you going to transport a large corner sofa in your car, for example? Transporting a sofa from Marktplaats is something our couriers do every day. Choose XXL transport from 60 euros and our courier will deliver your furniture via Marktplaats.

Frequently asked questions about Marktplaats deliveries

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I want to deliver something from Marktplaats to the buyer, is that possible?

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