We want to stop waste

Why do people have to get into a car or van every day to get their own large purchase to pick up? From furniture to washing machine to bicycle or painting, it is a costly hassle to get this from A to B. That while there are thousands of empty cars and vans on the road. What a waste of CO2, time and money..

Our ambition: to save CO2, time and euros

PickThisUp now helps thousands of consumers and (SMEs) companies with the delivery of large, difficult or fragile items by courier and delivery companies that are already driving, to compare. With one important goal: To prevent waste by giving something back! Time to your Agenda, CO2 savings to nature and some extra euros to the wallet of the hardworking freelancers.

In addition, we have a big ambition: to save 100 million kg of CO2! Why? Because we are determined to leave the world a better place than we got into it. Not a climate neutral life, but a climate improving life. That's what we get out of bed for every day, and you?

338.290 kg
CO2 saved
Hours saved
Euro saved

Compensate the emissions from your delivery

To make every transport as durable as possbible we offer the posibillity to compensate the CO2-emissions from your delivery. In turn PickThisUp will plant trees together with Stichting Trees for All who has planted millions of trees sinds 1999.

How it started

When Arjen, one of the founders of PickThisUp, had to pick up his Marktplaats purchase in 2014 from Middelburg and spend more than 6 hours of his day off in the car, this experience stayed with hum for a few months. This could and had to be done differently and that is why in May 2015 PickThisUp was founded.

No hierarchy and no judgement. Every problem van customer or courier we fix as neutrally as possible.
Own responsibility
Deal = Deal. We expect that from ourselves, but also our couriers and each other. You can hold us to that.
Learning by doing
We learn from the feedback from our customers and the couriers. That's how we make PickThisUp a little bit better every day.

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