The biggest delivery solution
without vehicles

PickThisUp started in 2015 with one important goal: Preventing waste! So that we can contribute to a better future and help people to create extra (free) time.

And we have a great ambition: To become the biggest delivery solution in the Netherlands without any vehicles. Because we think all those empty cars and vans on the road are a bizarre waste.

Just good,
honest and personal

We help companies and consumers compare delivery solutions for large, difficult or extraordinary items. This way the courier will get some extra income and you get the best price. We do this with a small dedicated team from B. Amsterdam and in collaboration with a network of hundreds of independent couriers. Who will take responsibility, are customer-friendly and solution-oriented. Every day day a little bit better.

338.290 kg
CO2 saved
Hours saved
Euro saved

Compensate the emissions from your delivery

To make every transport as durable as possbiel we offer the posibillity to compensate the CO2-emissions from your delivery. In turn PickThisUp will plant trees together with Stichting Trees for All who has planted millions of trees sinds 1999.

More (spare) time

We believe there is one thing that we all want more and never have enough. No, not money. But time. Quality time!

As human being We increasingly try do more every day. But all that efficiency and running will sometimes comes at a cost. By having your purchase delivered instead of driving yourself you save both (free) time and resources (co2, raw materials, etc).

But don't let that moment pass and take a moment for yourself in your relaxing chair with a magazine or book. You earned it!

Our Team

Every day a little bit better

We believe there is one thing that we all want more and never have enough of. No, not money. But time. Quality time!

Arjen van der Zee

Founder & CEO

“I was carpooling via BlaBlaCar, renting my house on Airbnb and car via Snappcar. Beautiful (sustainable) initiatives! So why not do the same with all those empty vehicles? ”

Aram Visser


“I was immediately very enthusiastic about PickThisUp. I see programming as an art and I like to contribute my knowledge to this unique platform. ”

Jurjen Rammeloo


“As a head of design I am constantly updating our platform bit by bit to make it better, more beautiful and more intuitive - for everyone. ”

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