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Need to have your auction lots delivered? PickThisUp is a proud partner of AUCTIM-Moyersoen and will help you with your delivery.

More than 21,000 deliveries from A to B!

Why PickThisUp?

Bought a washing machine, closet or couch on Marktplaats? Or an iPad, bicycle or pallet with solarpanels on an online auction?

Have it picked up and delivered via the PickThisUp network of over 1,000 couriers and transporters in the Netherlands and Belgium. Cheaply and securely arrange transportation wth PickThisUp!

Lowest price guarantee

Compare transport prices + reviews and choose the courier that is best for you.

Safe and well insured

Freely insured up to €500 or additionally choose for more.

Top service

Customers review PickThisUp drivers on average with 4.8 out of 5 stars (with >5.000 reviews)

Thé best priced delivery service
without worries

Booking a courier or rent a trailer or van and do it by yourself? PickThisUp can help you choose.

Price example
A chair
5 min.
Rent a van
6 hours
Traditional transport company
1 hour
Rent a trailer
5 hours
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With PickThisUp your stuff ís well insured

With theft, fraud or damage no minimal AVC insurance of €3,40 p/kg that other transport providers offer. Simply well insured upto €500 or €1.000 based on the purchse value.

This is how PickThisUp works

Enter your information

Place a delivery request withing 1 minute and receive offers of couriers within 24 hours.

A delivery request is made with a mobile phone
Book your courier

Chose your favorite courier and discuss a handover period.

A woman relaxes on the couch after making an appointment
Your courier is on the way

The courier will now pickup and deliver the items.

Did everything go well? We will pay the courier within 5 days of receiving a delivery acknowledgement.

A woman and a courier shake hands after the delivery of a parcel
PickThisUp instruction video
Watch our video how it works

And for more information take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact the helpdesk.

Meet some of our couriers

A professional courier with 15 years of experience, a school teacher or a corporate IT projectmanager who is on the road a lot. You choose your prefered courier and we make sure its safe and insured.

Karlien Obispo
“How happy was I that you arrived on time, so helpful with loading, everything transferred to the children nicely, etc. And also moderate in costs. Very happy! a 10. ”
5 stars
39 reviews
Michel Manders
“Service was top! Contact with customer excellent. This makes me happy. Thank you, Michel! ”
5 stars
181 reviews
Smit Lines
“Superfast, to my surprise they were able to deliver the next day already. Good service! ”
5 stars
5 reviews
Rick Veldhuizen
“Rick moved everything nicely out of the van and to my front door. He is attentive, careful and helpful. ”
5 stars
60 reviews

PickThisUp deliveries

More than 21,000 deliveries from A to B!

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