How does PickThisUp work?

Compare different couries and choose yout best solution w.r.t. price, speed. We will take care of the rest.

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Freely place a delivery request on our website and based on the dimensions of the items and the distance you'll immediately receive a price indication. After that 80% of the deliveries receive the first offer from a courier within 8 hours on a workday.

The couriers are verified by PickThisUp, insured against damage and receive an average rating of 4.8 our of 5 stars.

PickThisUp is an online platform. To keep the costs as low as possible we unfortunately can't give you a pricing quote via telephone or accept requests. For other questions you can contact us on workdays via chat or telehone and we'll be glad to help you

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After the delivery request has been place on our website, couriers are able tomake an offer. They can offer 10% below the price indication and 20% above it. The offer is based on your request and depends on how well couriers can combine it with other trips.

After you received one to three offers, you can use the chat to make an appointment regarding the delivery date for example. You can confirm the transportation by accepting the offer of the driver and fulfill the payment via our platform.

After this you are guaranteed of your transport and your items are insured up to €500.— or €1000.— depending on the purchase value.

Questions about your delivery you can ask directly to your driver via de chat. This way you'll have personal contact and you'll be kept up to date about the status of your delivery.

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Your courier is on the way

After the payment the transporation is definitive and the courier will pickup the items and he/she will deliver them to the destination address. After pickup the courier will delivery the items usually on the same day or else within 2-5 workdays at most on appointment.

Once you are satisfied with the delivery, the courier will transfer the payment to the courier.

Not happy with your courier? We would love to hear it. Let us know within 5 days of delivery and we will freeze the payment to the courier until everything has been resolved.

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