Deliveryservice for Marktplaats, IKEA, Troostwijk

Are you looking for a delivery service for an auction such as Troostwijk auctions or Onlineveilingmeester? Or to deliver new or second-hand furniture? With PickThisUp you can find a courier company that is already on the way. This person is happy to take your purchase, for example a Marktplaats purchased e-bike bicycle or IKEA cupboard, along for you. Via the website you can calculate a price indication with just a few clicks. If you are okay with that, you can submit a quote with no obligation. Sending and delivery of your Marktplaats, IKEA and Troostwijk purchases this way is not only affordable, but also nice and easy.

Troostwijk transport via PickThisUp

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Driver for Marktplaats, Troostwijk or IKEA transport

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